About Us

ZeeArts is a global art organization with a mission to connect artists globally through our line-up of artistic initiatives and projects. Annually, our calendars are riddled with programmes like art exhibitions, art fairs, conferences, art & Cultural retreat, Artist Empowerment Program and artistic socially engaged projects that places artists, collectors and private sectors on the same page of the art market. This is done alongside our strong network of collaborators outside of the art industry who lend us their support to further educate the public on art investments on a vernacular level. This further generates an air of interest towards the pursuits of the artists and increase the demand for their works. Our efforts to maintain global relevance is also accentuated by our online gallery platform which allows for heightened connectivity between artists from all corners of the world.

In our bid to promote inclusivity for the betterment of society, ZeeArts strongly advocates for gender parity across the world, whereby contributions by women artists which are often overlooked need to be recognized as indispensable factors to the progression of the creative sector. With our core values of respect and integrity in check, we commit ourselves to supporting the community through advocacy and artist-empowerment programmes.

ZeeArts aims to build a powerful legacy of trust within the art world. Our philosophy is to connect artists to create and celebrate Art

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