Aleya Almansoori -UAE:

Adriana Setter – Italy :

Lenore Solmon – USA :

Mirriam Nkosi- Malawi :

Joycelyn Lewisham – New Zealand :

Hina Tabassum – Pakistan:

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for organizing the Art Connect Women exhibition in Dubai. The event was a remarkable celebration of women’s creativity and artistic talent, showcasing a diverse range of styles and mediums. Thank you for bringing together such an amazing group of women artists from all over the world and challenging us to create art that addresses the call to action to drive gender balance and women empowerment.
By highlighting the contributions of women artists and advocating for gender equity in the art world, we can create a more inclusive and diverse artistic community that reflects the richness and complexity of the human experience. As a participant, I felt supported and encouraged by the ZeeArts team throughout the entire process, from the initial application to the final installation. The team’s dedication and hard work made for a truly unforgettable experience.
Thank you again for this amazing opportunity and for championing women artists in the world. I look forward to future collaborations with ZeeArts Gallery.

Xenia Joost


My participation in the 6th Edition of Art Connects Women has been an amazing and enriching experience on different levels .First of all being the ambassador of my country for an international event has boosted my self-confidence and helped me to reflect and move forward in my artistic quest and practice .Meeting so many artist from all-over the world has allowed me to share and discuss about many issues and mainly on the evolution of the art field in their countries and has enlarged my vision about artistic practices and how networking is important. The conferences were very enriching and helped me to acquire some knowledge in specific fields. The exhibition and award night were gratifying events. And last but not least the cultural tour organized for us has been very enriching because it gave us the possibility of visiting the prestigious Sharjah biennial .It will remain an unforgettable experience where I have been able to experience see and feel artworks of such renowned artists

Joelle Rosalie


“being an art ambassador of Iraq for the fourth time at ACW is a great honor to me besides I’m one of the pioneers of this great movement, taking this part is a big opportunity for any artist  to engage and meet other artists , keep shining zeeart and I wish to see a fabulous new addition  of ACW next year inshallah’

Abeer Aledani


“Without a doubt I could say that my experience at ACW 2023 was a pleasant one, although I was not able to be physically present at all the events, I followed with interest all the news. It was definitely very satisfying to be part of an artistic movement that empowers, dignifies, promotes and exalts the work of women artists around the world; in addition to promoting culture, friendship between peoples and strengthening human ties, so essential in today’s turbulent times. Many thanks to Zaahirah Muthy and all her team for putting body and soul into this great project that denotes to be made with passion and real love for art. I hope to be on board future editions. Receive a warm embrace from Mexico!”

Lilia Luján


When women join Hands, sky is the limit!!!
A fantastic and amazingly successful exhibition hosted by Zaahirah..
She successfully painted a rainbow of various cultures and countries by bringing 100 women from 100 different countries. The pride that each artist felt doning those sashes carrying their country’s name is unexplainable!!…
Arrangements were top notch.. The way each artwork was installed /exhibited was impeccable and our stay was extremely comfortable. Extremely happy that I got a chance to represent my country India at such esteemed platform.

Manisha Bharwaj


I have so many unforgettable moments from my recent trip to Dubai, where I had the honor of receiving an award that celebrated my artistry. The opening night at the Habtoor Palace and the awards gala were both incredible experiences. It was truly humbling to showcase my work in front of esteemed dignitaries and interact with VIPs of Dubai as well as my esteemed peers in the art world.
This trip has left a lasting impression on me, and I cannot wait to visit the UAE again. I want to extend a big thank you to Zaahirah, the founder of Zee Arts gallery, and the entire team for being such gracious hosts to myself and the other 111 artists from around the world. Their hard work and dedication to the arts community are truly inspiring.
Receiving this award has strengthened my reputation as an artist and I am grateful for the recognition from such a prestigious platform. I look forward to creating more art and sharing it with the world.

Shona Lucille


In February of this year, I had the incredible pleasure of being a part of the Dear to Dream Project exibition in Dubai with ZeeArt organization. Meeting so many amazing and successful artist in one place made it one of the most heartwarming experiences of my career. I was particularly proud to represent my home country of Montenegro and to connect with women’s from all over the world who are making a positive impact in their communities. The team responsible for for organizing the exibition did an outstanding job, dedicating four days to celebrating strong women who have overcome remarkable challenges. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this event and I want to express my sincere thanks to the team for making it all happen.
I truly hope that we can continue to work together in the future.

Ana Soc


Art Connects Women has been an inspiring, beautiful and fulfilling Art Initiative from ZeeArts which completely changed my life as an artist. It gave me the opportunity to meet talented women Artists from all over the world and share our experiences in different cultures, as well ACW open the door for my art to travel to a completely different part of the world and all the learning experiences that came with it. I cannot feel more grateful of all what I received through this event and to ZeeArts for believing in me and giving me the chance to be part of it.

Majo Portilla

The Netherlands

It goes without saying that ACW 2020 has been the last fun and cool event before the lockdown. I absolutely loved this event. The organisation was perfect and I felt welcome from the very moment I arrived in Dubai. I met so many interesting artists and I was inspired by their different approach to life and their dedication to art. After the exhibition I also started a new project together with an artist I met there.

Manuela Granziol


My name is Mariana Siebold. I am a Guatemalan artist. I have participated twice in Art Connects Women. I have to say they have been wonderful experiences. They changed my life completely. They connected me with amazing people all over the world. They opened doors for me in the art world. I can’ say enough. I am so thankful to ZeeArts. Thank you for such memorable experiences. I will be forever in gratitute.

Mariana Siebold


The best exhibition I ever participated in was definitely “Art Connects Women” in Dubai. It was organized by ZeeArts Gallery and gathered 100 artworks by women from 100 different countries. Thanks to this event I connected with great women artists and art professionals from around the world. There was a full program around equality and the quality of all the events was outstanding. I am looking forward to participate in other exhibitions by ZeeArts as soon as there will be no more travel restrictions due to the covid pandemic.



ACW is an enlightening , uplifting , endearing , empowering art event . Zaahirah succeeds in unifying and touching the soul of art viewed through the eyes of the feminine principle in every part of the world! Thank you profusely for this unique event!

Ajna Soni Dalamal

Canary Island

I was hesitant about going to Dubai art connects women due to health reasons. My son persuaded me. Having seen pictures from the year before I knew it was something that would be of great value to my artistic career. After speaking with the fantastic Zaahirah my doubts where lifted.

Upon arrival to our magnificent venue. The one and only Royal mirage we each received our beautiful sashes giggling and introducing each other. All woman excited to experience this impressive opportunity. The atmosphere was electric as we all showed our art and chatted to guest each other and collectors in the sumptuous surroundings.

The hosts arranged wonderful trips where the women connected so well it was as if wede known each other already. Some we did. The fashion show was superb and awards. Being in this beautiful book art connects woman is a great honour to have met the brilliant artist in person. Remaining in contact with many.

It’s been a year since and the impact this trip to Dubai made on my heart is priceless.
I loved every minute made lifelong friends. Also became an ambassador for UK through Zaahirah.
This has enhanced my life in many ways and I’m deeply grateful. Anyone thinking about going just do it..Your soul will thank you.

Audrey keenan


One of the most wonderful experiences that I have has in my artistic life is the experience of participating in the Art Connects Women, Art Exhibition (ACW) that connect women from all over the globe together for two consecutive years, as the ambassador of my country Iraq, One of the things that I enjoy is making my country proud, also I appreciate the distinct traditions and culture of each country. Just being part of this wonderful exhibition is an adding value to my artistic career. I am very grateful and happy. It is a blessing to be part of ACW as one of the largest international exhibitions.

Abeer Al Edani


Art Connects Women has indeed added value to my artistic career in different ways. Firstly, the opportunity to meet women artists coming from all walks of life and interacting with them on a social and intellectual level. For small island states artists, opportunities as such give hope and contribute towards meaningful experiences such as gaining greater exposure and enriching knowledge of contemporary arts and art in general. It has been a great honour to participate in the International Women’s Day Art Exhibition last year and to be affiliated with ACW. When women artists come together to showcase their work, they inspire and learn from each other. This creates greater opportunity to network and so the conversation continues! The women artists who participated in the exhibition last year have great leadership qualities and are contributing to a great extent to bring about positive changes to make this world a better place.

Christine Chetty


ACW has been a unique and special experience for me in my artistic career. I have always shared my paintings in exhibitions and museums with colleagues but always as an artist, this time I have felt proud of my role as an artist and as a woman along with 100 other friends, today we form a large multicultural family. ACW expresses with the utmost respect the equality between men and women championed by such wonderful people as Zaahirah Zabeen Muthy, who I admire as an artist and as a woman.

Rosana Largo Rodríguez


‘Art connects women’ true to its name is a great platform for women artists from all around the World to connect with each other at personal as well as professional level. My experience as a participant of ACW ‘2020 , representing my country India, was the highlight of my art career. It gave me a chance to interact with wonderful international artists . We had a lot to share with each other including some lasting memories. As Covid was taking over, this event was like a rainbow which spread lot of joy & left us with Hope of great things to come.
I truly respect the founder of ACW. This beautiful, warm & stylish lady, Zaahirah ,is the power house who relentlessly puts together well structured & purposeful events with a difference.

Afshan Quraishi


My experience in participating in Art connects Women organized by ZeeArts, was not just about exhibiting my art with that of other artists from all over the world. Most importantly it has been a holistic experience where throughout a whole week of events, we artists exchanged ideas and techniques, attended discussions addressed by art experts and curators, took part in cultural social events, and celebrated our art through diversity and warm camaraderie. It has been a privilege to be one of the artists in Art Connects Women!

Anna Galea


I got to meet so many talented women during the international women day art event in 2020! ZeeArts created a beautiful space for networking. I have so many precious memories from my Dubai trip and meet many beautiful ladies, thank you

Joshila Dhaby


Un moment parmis vous que j’oublierai jamais Ou le sentiment d’etre artiste prend toute sa valeur de si belle rencontre je suis impatient de revivre cette aventure Artistiquement.

Seb Body Arts

Reunion Island

Thank you ZeeArts for the great work you are doing to bring and promoting art to a lot of people throughout many countries and continents. Thank you for inviting me to show my artwork and my participation in the panel discussion for the first Mauritius International Art Fair.

Dr. Didier Wong


Dear ZeeArts, it’s amazing knowing You Zaahirah & Your beautiful Team from long time & we collaborate & celebrate together many Art Events! Under Your patronage organized many Awesome Art Projects, appreciate that l been invited to shine along with many talented artists around the World! Just “Art Connects Women” in 2019 & 2020 is a great example, where l been part of them! Many Thanks, ZeeArts & our sweetheart Zaahirah for the Respect & Love to our Art!

Gulalek, GTnArt


First joined ZeeArts at the International Women’s Day exhibition- Art Connects Women 2019. As an artist, it was one of my best experiences. Zaahirah you are a true art activist, not just by name but also by heart. So glad to have exhibited with you.

Marisol Grijalva


Behind Zeearts a genuine, loving, and determined lady. I have been part of Art Connects Women and exhibit with you in Mauritius and Turkey. No wonder your art exhibitions are the best! Always classy and well organised.

Rasha Galeb


ZeeArts gave me the best art exhibition experience as an artist during Art Connects Women. I will never forget that moment in 2018. It was magical! Thank you so much Zaahirah Muthy. You are amazing!

Felsa Marie T. Hortiza

Philippines – UK

ZeeArts has to be one of my favourite places to exhibit my art. I have been participating with ZeeArts for a long time, it has helped me get exposure and experience. It’s a trusted and well-recognised outlet to showcase our art, leaving you with amazing memories. I’m so honoured to be associated with ZeeArts

Shadab Khan


We met ‘ZEE’ lady for the first time in 2019. We discover all in only one person, artist, activist, curator etc… it was amazing. She is amazing and above all she placed her trust in us. Without knowing us, she welcomes us in the MIAF with open arms. She gave us the opportunity to present the Gallery worldwide during a Webinar. We learned so much from you Zaahirah Zabeen Muthy , we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart. Continue the good work. We need passionate artist like you. You are the BEST ZeeArts.

Gallerie Tamaris