Rise to Rejoice

During this unprecedented era, we Rise to Rejoice to celebrate our expansion from a challenging and intensive year. Despite the considerable upheavals we have faced, and the impacts on the fabric of our society, we recognize that it is those same challenges that have compelled us to shift our lenses and acquire fresh perspectives on who we are, what we do, and how we can impact others around us and our communities.

In the last few months, we have all experienced the highs and lows of living through a pandemic and uncertainty. As Women, artists, and entrepreneurs, we have had to shoulder additional responsibilities to ensure that our families, our homes, and our businesses still continue to thrive and grow. We have had to pull our sleeves up and show up with grace and patience in order to keep all of these plates spinning. We have had to redefine ourselves and stretch our boundaries and really acknowledge how resourceful we can be. 

In this process, we have transformed from caterpillars into butterflies, and the struggle of opening our wings is a testament to our strength and incredible resilience.

Now, we rise to growWe rise to leadWe rise to believeWe rise to step up to a new state of transformation both on a mental, creative, and spiritual level. As artists, our creative senses are now even more sharpened, our grit and willpower stronger than ever before and our commitment to collaborate, create and celebrate will change the world by spreading beauty through art is at its peak.

Let us rejoice in our journeys of transformation. Let us step up and lead the way with love, compassion, and stoic inner strength. Join us on International Women’s Day 2022, International Art Exhibition under Art Connects Women’s umbrella, to celebrate our newly found inspiration and commitment to bringing you joy